Top Cats – Tara and Nevis

A Story About Two Special Cats

Blue Burmese.
Tara on the left, Nevis on the right.
Tara was always the midget, and lived at least 17 years
When Nevis died after a reasonable life span, Tara was distraught for a very long time.
Pouncing on a piece of string!
They often behaved more like dogs than cats
One day Tara went skiing at Treble Cone (see below).

Another member of the family was Sarah. Here she is with some of her pups. One big happy family.

Another family member was Terrance Toyota (who is still about and increasing in value/sought after)

When we went skiing at Treble Cone we’d often take Sarah. She was quite happy tucked up on blanket on the deck, and would keep the kea away.

Back then there used to be a road toll shed at the bottom of the road. We’d stop and pay, as required.

When we arrived at the car-park, we would do our usual and lift her off so she could stretch her legs and sniff about. The people about loved this of course – she was everyone’s friend. But on one occasion we noticed the people were really staring! Because Tara was there also cavorting with her!

Turned out she had ridden from Wanaka, and up the ski road, on the spare tire under the deck. And was wise enough to not hop off when we stopped to pay the road toll.

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