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Donald Lousley portrait
Hi, I’m Donald and has been a long time project and
dream to share a few images and thoughts.

I like to write, but then again photography adds another dimension
and to be honest when I’m a bit tired it’s easier to publish a picture or two,
and well… a picture is worth a thousand words.

Glenmary being climbed by Donald Lousley
By inclination I’m a mountaineer, tramper and ski tourer – all passions that engender carrying a camera. And so I do, and publish a lot on the Internet to not only share the way I “see” the world, but with the aim of raising awareness of our landscapes. If we are all more aware it might help look after them a bit more! At other times I’m an Apple centric computer support/trainer person, and web site builder.

Bob McKerrow, Brian Millar, Donald Lousley
Here I am on the right with two old friends. Bob McKerrow on the left inspires me with his lifetime of humanitarian disaster relief work for Red Cross in the places in the world where people need help the most often, and mountaineering exploits. And Brian Millar in the center with his special day-to-day friendship and inspiration in the field of book publishing [] and photography.
As of Feb 2014 this site is very new and I’m still working through optimising it.
I’ve built the functionality into it to handle images from other people and can have names listed in
menus etc. so a particular author’s work can be found.

Maybe send me an email to so we can discuss it further if you’re keen to
display/sell work thanks