The material presented on the site is in no way intended as medical advice. Or as a substitute for medical treatment. Guidance from your doctor or other health care professional should always be sought. Be involved with them on all levels.

Evaluation of the techniques and mindsets discussed are best done with great care and a sense of fun and wonderment.

Explore how good attitudes can effect change. And how small steps, one at a time, will often effect the best outcomes.

First published on 19 Feb. 2021, from Wanaka, New Zealand.

If you’ve landed here looking for, a site dedicated to mental health in New Zealand, then click here >>

Welcome to LikeMinds a place for those seeking a deeper meaning in life. As it can relate to mental health.

The structure of the story is around having a cancer. But the content and ideas are not defined by this.

This blog mimics a book. Scroll down, or jump in somewhere…

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